You may have heard about Stuxnet, but like me didn’t get into the details until now.   If so, you’ll be impressed.  

It’s hard to believe its development will stay secret forever, so someone will eventually take credit and maybe even write a book.  Whatever the case, and whom ever created and managed it, Stuxnet was one amazing malware campaign with it’s zero-day exploits, subtle damage approach and peer to peer upgrade channel.

Don’t worry if you’re a technophobe, the article below reads like a Hollywood script and brings to mind how Churchill subtlety used Ultra (or didn’t use it) to further the allied objectives.  The story even has a climax, with discovery day cleanup already prepared – very impressive.  Here’s the link :

And the more technical Wiki version :

Wiki on Stuxnet

It makes one wonder what unknown code may be running on other computers…
Be prepared.
Rod Coleman, General Manager – Sierra Computer Group