By Rod Coleman, General Manager – Sierra Computer Group

There’s an old saying about business mergers, “Two plus two often equals three, and sometimes only one”.

Sadly it’s true, especially with large organizations or businesses with dissimilar cultures.  The technology sector is no different.  Just like banks, movie studios and oil companies, mergers are one way to grow a company, but there’s always a risk of ending up with less.  The assets are obvious.  What’s critical is how well the organization’s employees come together,  and how effectively they work with the clients.

Most of those reading this post will know of Sierra Computers.  The company has been continuously operating in northern Nevada since 1982.  Originally, the focus was on computer products, but over the years and through mergers a range of technology services have evolved as well.  In the process, the name has changed from Sierra Computers to Sierra Computers Limited,  to MicroAge Sierra (I join the company during this MicroAge merger of 2001), to Sierra Computers and Training, and then back to Sierra Computers.  And now it’s changed again.

2010 has been another significant year for mergers.  In February, Netmergence joined our company in a very smooth transition.  As of November 1st, key employees and clients from TELXAR have begun the process.  Like before, our objective is to take the best parts of each organization to form what will now be known as Sierra Computer Group.

If you’re a client of any of these companies, you’ll encounter new people, new systems and expanded technical resources.  We’ll do what we can to make these changes as painless as possible.  That’s one reason for this blog.  I’ll be presenting some of these new people, resources and technologies from time to time.  So put us on your news reader.  What?  You don’t use a news reader for RSS feeds?  Don’t worry.  We’ll cover that topic too.

And we’ll do everything we can to make two plus two equal five for YOUR business, as well as ours.