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With each hacking breach, it becomes more apparent how important cyber attack protection is. The most recent being, one of the largest bank breaches known, with up to $1 billion stolen. A security company, Kaspersky Lab, discovered the spying program that gives the hacker group means to eavesdrop on a bulk of the world’s computers.

Once the spying program is installed on a user’s computer, the program can not be removed by way of disk reformatting and operating system re-installation. This is because the hacker’s virus actually re-programs the hard drive’s firmware. Once the hackers gain access to a computer they lurk for months, watching the user’s behaviors. The hacker group – known as the Equation Group – installs their program by way of phishing emails, infecting  websites with malware, infecting USB sticks and CDs, and a self-spreading computer worm called Fanny. The Equation Group even went so far as to intercept physical goods and replace them with infected versions. In one such example, they targeted scientific conference participants in Houston by sending them a CD containing a copy of the conference materials. This CD then infected their computers with the group’s spying program. With how aggressive hackers are becoming, it is clear to see how important it is for businesses to put in place the proper cyber attack protection tools.

Sierra Computer Group’s managed services, offer an array of cyber attack protection tools. These tools include security awareness training for all employees helping educate them on phishing. This training includes tests that send fabricated personally tailored phishing emails to identify who may need more training. By educating employees, businesses can prevent their employees from essentially opening the door to these hackers. Often business make the mistake of thinking that hackers have no reason to target them. Yet as this example shows, the hackers were not targeting the bank employees but the banks themselves. Additionally Sierra Computer Group offers internet content filtering that blocks known bad websites or websites that have been infected with malware. Finally, Sierra Computer Group provides up-to-date anti-virus and constantly monitors systems for any suspicious activity. Our goal is to prevent security problems that may affect your business.

At Sierra Computer Group, cyber security and cyber attack protection is our priority. Contact us today to find out how our managed services can help secure and benefit your business.