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You likely turn on your alarm system and lock up before you leave your office. But do you have the same security in place to protect your computer network? Having the proper network technology in place guards against viruses and the theft of data. You are at risk for unauthorized intrusions, noncompliance, downtime and even legal action without a good network security system.

Network security should consist of many layers of protection. This way if one barrier breaks down, your business will still be protected. Having these layers mean that the data you rely on to conduct your business remains safe and available. The most common threats include.

  • spyware/adware
  • viruses
  • data interception and theft
  • identity theft
  • denial of service attacks

Network security is achieved through both hardware and software components all of which should work together to provide the highest level of security possible. To protect you from threats this software must be updated regularly. Some of the common layers of protection that should be in place include.

Network security provides protection for one of your most important assets — your business’ reputation. Privacy is of the utmost importance to your clients. Having strong network security ensures that your customer’s information is kept safe. Your customers rely on you and your business to keep their data secure. Having a secure system helps create a trust relationship with your customer.

To make the best choice in security technology, you need to fit the needs of your business with the correct technology. Small to medium sized business often don’t have the IT resources to put in place the network security needed. That is where Sierra Computer Group can help. Our technology experts give you network security recommendations based on your needs.  Click or call today to schedule your free consultation.