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How Much RAM do I need?

Deciding how much RAM you need will depend on two key factors:

  1. Which applications will be used most often.

  2. How fast will you need to get the work done.

The more RAM your system has the faster it can open programs and handle them simultaneously. Users will require different amounts based on the types of programs they are opening. For instance: a giant Excel spreadsheet or large Photoshop projects may use almost a gig of RAM all by themselves.

Choosing the right amount of RAM can seem confusing, here’s some inside information. Most desktops come standard with four gigabytes, and that’s typically the lowest amount you will want for a Windows operating system. If your PC will be in an office environment with an employee using it as their primary work machine, then eight gigabytes would be a wise choice and what we would recommend. Especially if they will have multiple programs open at once or have many browsers going. This machine will be used up to forty hours a week, and you want them to have enough RAM to be productive. Lastly, if you are an architect or construction firm and will be using a graphic intensive application like AutoCAD, then you will definitely need more RAM. We recommend at least sixteen gigabytes of RAM. You should check the specs of your particular desktop to find out what the maximum amount available is, and then decide if more than sixteen gigabytes will help your team be more productive.

It’s important to consider your company’s needs wisely. If you’re unsure how much is too much, then please give us a call 775-322-6455 and we’ll guide you to the best solution.