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Razer’s gaming devices have typically been bulky, but they are changing things up this year. Hopefully they will be setting a new trend too with their first ultrabook. The Razer Blade Stealth is just as sexy as its predecessors, but now its just under 3 pounds and  0.52 inches thick.  This is a huge difference from the bulky models we’re used to seeing.

Every model is power packed with the latest Intel Core i7 processor, and offers a 12.5 inch touchscreen display. It also offers two USB ports and a new Thunderbolt USB Type-C port designed to charge and connect monitors and accessories. Another neat feature is the individually backlit RGB keys. So customization is limitless.

Razer did have to make some sacrifices to achieve this smaller, lighter laptop. The main change is the graphical power. Its still suitable for casual games.  They have a solution though that will still make this ultrabook your only gaming device. Microsoft Windows 10 has made it seamless to switch between the Intel graphics and the new Razer Core external enclosure. You will be able to put your own graphics card into the Razer Core graphics enclosure making it flexible to the gamer’s needs. Its just a matter of plugging in the USB Type-C cable to the external enclosure, giving you all the powerful graphics to bring your favorite games to life. So the lightweight ultrabook is great for everyday use and when your ready for heavy duty gaming you simply plug into the external enclosure and enjoy.

My favorite aspect is how competitive the pricing is on this amazing ultrabook, starting at just $999 with the high end being $1599. That’s a great price for all the power and portability you’ll receive. This product is available to order today and shipping early  to mid January. They will have retail availability planned for Microsoft  stores next month.