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A new report out has discovered that Cryptowall  has become the most financially successful piece of malware in history. Maybe your business hasn’t been hit and you think “I have a firewall or Antivirus this couldn’t happen to me”.  But it does happen to reputable businesses with many precautions put in place on a daily basis. Just recently a hospital in southern California had to pay $17,000 ransom (Bitcoin) to get the encryption keys to unlock their own data.

Did you know that the easiest way to avoid all this costly messiness is with knowledgeable users?  That’s right,if they don’t click on harmful links and invite these destructive viruses in, you can focus on your business and not IT nightmares. We can provide baseline testing to help you isolate your worst offenders, and this means we send out simulated phishing attacks. If your users click on them, they then receive exercises to educate them on what is malicious and what is the real deal. Even better you’ll receive reports showing stats and graphs for both training and phishing, so you’ll see how drastically your employees will improve over just a few months.

We’re on the right track putting effort into hardware and software for  stopping hackers, crackers, social engineers etc., from attacking our sensitive data. However, your best defense ultimately is a knowledgeable offense.  How much money could we save by employing cyber savvy users that are aware of malicious practices and avoid them all together?

If you would like to protect your data by educating your employees, please give one of our friendly knowledgeable account managers a call. 775-322-6455