Does your business suffer from antiquated Category 5 cabling? New bandwidth-intensive applications are calling for speeds greater than 100 and 1000 Mbps, and the demand is only going to increase. There’s also an increasing amount of wireless devices, an influx of transferring of high-res images, streaming, and surveillance footage that are all part of a business’ daily routine.  Whether its your line of business applications or your devices creating more demands on your over taxed Category 5 network, we can all agree this cabling infrastructure can no longer keep up.

Not only will we see a need to convert to Category 6 or 6A cabling in the very near future, but there will be a shift in how cabling is placed within a building. Just like the “Jefferson’s”, cabling will be moving on up. That’s right, from behind the wall to the ceiling, where it can be terminated to a wireless access point (WAP).  This shift is to accommodate the growing number of wireless access points for many mobile device users. Tablets, laptops, and cell phones have been increasing in popularity in the workplace for many years now. No longer are we strapped to our desktops.

If your network seems sluggish and you’ve tried everything to enhance it, cabling may just be the solution you weren’t aware you needed. While installing Category 6 or 6A may cost your business a slightly higher price than Category 5e cabling, you’ll be saving money in the long run by having a future proof network that can support the newer hardware/software technologies emerging.  If you need more information about a licensed Nevada cabling contractor please give us a call today. 775-322-6455