We’re all nervous about the security of our email. It’s so convenient to send documents via email but it is sometimes best to encrypt or password protect sensitive data. This is especially true for documents such as tax returns, W2’s, or other sensitive financial documents. Did you know that whoever has admin rights on mail servers or workstations on either end can see documents sent and received from either side of an email transaction? That’s right your IT employees may have access to sensitive documents that you would like to keep private. Another aspect to consider is if your business is regulated by HIPAA, PCI compliance, or any other laws. These regulations insist we encrypt, but the cost and hassle usually stops us.  Unfortunately if you’re a small business and you are caught not complying with these regulations you may face high fines that could cripple your business. Email security threats include those created by backup copies, viruses, hackers, and in extreme cases law enforcement (think NSA). Sending encrypted email is a hassle if you don’t do it regularly, plus the recipient on the other end will almost certainly have extra steps and trouble opening them.

Email can travel a long way before reaching its destination, we can help you encrypt it so you’ll avoid prying eyes along the way. With one click, our app encrypts your message when it leaves your mailbox. Only the authorized recipient (with the proper password) can read the message. If you’d like to know more about this safe, easy, and cost effective method for encryption, then please give our knowledgeable staff a call today. (775) 322-6455