For Immediate Release:
Sierra Computer Group Acquires Key TELXAR® Clients

Reno NV – December 10, 2010

Darren McBride
Sierra Computer Group, Reno’s largest IT (Information Technology) service provider, announced today the acquisition of a portion of TELXAR® business clientele.  The firm also announced they would be changing the company name from Sierra Computers to “Sierra Computer Group” to reflect the growing range of computer and network consulting services for business.  The company will remain headquartered next to Reno’s main post office at 1900 Vassar St.  They sell computer and networking hardware but focus primarily on consulting services for things like Microsoft servers, email servers, virus protection, backup, internet security, wireless, smart phones and all things networking.
Jeff Bowling, President of TELXAR® has joined the organization as a VP of Sales and Marketing.  He joins a management team that includes Darren McBride, CEO, Rod Coleman, former General Manager of MicroAge Reno, and Tom Hoops, former President of Technology Associates.  Mr. McBride says the Reno based company has now acquired some or all of the clients of IT firms TELXAR®, MicroAge Reno, Cimarron Computers, Technology Associates, NetMergence, and Integrated Business Solutions.  “We’d love to continue to add Northern Nevada’s best IT companies and professionals.  Many of these companies have great clients and a track record of excellent customer service.”  McBride says that IT pros can get burned out because they have to be available 24×7.  By joining a larger organization, they can focus on the IT work they love while relying on other experts to help them respond more quickly to customer emergencies and special technologies.  

Rod Coleman, General Manager of Sierra Computer Group says the challenge of merging corporate cultures is an opportunity for improvement.  “The trick is keeping the best parts from each organization. One issue of our firm’s acquisition strategy is making sure that IT pros, whom each have their favorite products and ways of doing things, are able to integrate those strengths into a company-wide standard,” says Coleman.  “Each of these CEOs and technicians are experts in their field.  We may debate the best virus protection or router to use, but when we reach consensus we know we are recommending the best solution for the client.”

Asked about their ideal client, Coleman said the firm works with any business or government entity that has an installed network.  “People think we only work on large systems.  The truth is we’re very cost effective for even a 5 user network.  We understand how to manage a project and stay within budget.  Business owners sometimes get frustrated with a “Lone Ranger” who may be effective, but can’t be in two places at once, or can’t be an expert with everything.  That’s when they call us.  We stabilize their system or design a solution that meets their needs – without breaking their budget.  On the other end of the spectrum, we also know how to build out an enterprise grade data center with air conditioning, power protection and virtualization for our larger clients,“ said Coleman.  Sierra Computer Group can help with a simple workstation problem or large network maintenance and migration.

Asked about acquisitions on the horizon CEO McBride smiles, “ I’d like to see us add a telephone provider to the group, and a few other technology companies that give us more products and service expertise so that we become a complete one-stop shop for small business technology.”


Rod Coleman, General Manager
Sierra Computer Group
1900 Vassar St.
Reno, NV 89502