Rotate Your Second Display

Have you noticed how web content and computer displays are pointed in different directions?

If you open almost any webpage on a laptop or desktop computer you’ll see blank white bands along the sides.  Even worse, you won’t see much vertical depth of content.  This is because most documents and web content scroll vertically; yet most displays are presented horizontally.  And the sites that ARE formatted horizontally, are so wide they are difficult to read.

Why is this?  It’s because of the movies.

Since movie and TV’s 1080P format with their 16 by 9 aspect ratio is now the sweet spot in volume display manufacturing, we have this strange situation where computer content does match the display presentation.

This is why you see people rotating their phones and tablets so often.  Unfortunately with a laptop or desktop computers it’s a bit more clumsy to rotate the display.  But the very factor that has cause the problem (volume price point), provides a reasonable solution – buy a second monitor and turn it vertical.

This is actually easier than you might think.  There are lots of optional vertical monitor stands, and most computers (including laptops) already have a second video port.  So get a second display, turn it sideways, configure Windows screen settings and poof!  The problem is solved.

Give it a try.  It’s like having a whole new second computer – and one that actually fits your work.