The latest cyber security technology was recently released from PFP Cybersecurity and is designed to notify you in seconds of a malware attack based off of the change in power usage on your device.

Instead of an attack going undetected for days, weeks or even months imagine knowing the second someone starts hacking your device.

All malware consumes a certain amount of power. PFP has found that malware’s power usage signature is different from the baseline power usage of standard operations. PFP—an acronym for “power fingerprinting”—first establishes a baseline pattern of what is normal for a device. PFP will then monitor the system and notify you in milliseconds of when it detects the slightest change in that pattern. The technology is based off of changes in power consumption and not the ability to recognize malicious code. This way new or cleverly disguised malware can be easily detected. To monitor the device they use P2Scan, which is a credit-card-size physical sensor. The technology is air-gapped from the system’s hardware and software. Since no additional software is needed, normal operation will not be hindered and hackers can’t interfere with the monitoring.

This technology is not replacing any other security practices, but it is an independent additional layer of protection. At the moment, PFP’s technology is better suited for automated systems such as routers, networks, power grids and critical infrastructure. The technology does not work as well on devices with regular users such as smartphones and laptops. Their future development plans include integration with SIEM, big data analytics and SaaS.

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