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Microsoft’s hacker vulnerability patch was released for a flaw found in Windows Server 2003 to 2012, Windows 7 and 8. This patch mends the bug which allowed hackers to take complete control of devices that connect to an Active Directory domain. The bug allows hackers to be able to install applications and create new user accounts. Home users do not have to be concerned with this vulnerability however business whose employees work remotely using unsecured wireless networks are the ones most at risk.

Microsoft’s hacker vulnerability patch will fix the bug first discovered over a year ago by JAS Advisors. Because the flaw — named ‘Jasbug’ — was a core Windows design problem, it took over a year for Microsoft to release a patch for it. The vulnerability could have been open for as long as 15 years. Despite Microsoft continuing to support Windows Server 2003 for five more months, a patch will not not be released for Server 2003. This is because the infrastructure of Server 2003 will not support the fix. Anyone still using Server 2003 should seriously consider upgrading at this time.

Users are advised to install Microsoft’s hacker vulnerability patch as soon as possible. If you are one of our managed clients, then the patch has already been applied. Since this vulnerability was open for so long, it is important to have a strong defense system in place to protect your business. Part of our managed services ensures your systems are up to date as well as monitored for any signs of hijacking attempts. We also use content filtering which blocks users from visiting sites that are seeded with malware that can infect devices. Our content filtering service also filters remote mobile devices like laptops and tablets. This adds an extra layer of security for users working remotely at airports or hotels on unsecured wireless networks.

On patch Tuesday, Microsoft’s hacker vulnerability patch was released as well as fixes for Internet Explorer and Office. To learn more about Microsoft’s security updates you can visit their site here.

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