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It can be tough to narrow down all the security risks on a network. So we’ve complied a list of our favorite questions to gauge a networks stability and security level.

  1. What do you currently use for backup and disaster recovery.
  2. What is the password complexity, how often is it changed, and lockout policy on your network?
  3.  How is your end user education regarding use of email, rogue websites, viruses etc.?
  4. How is your email and spam filtering handled?
  5. What open ports do you have on your firewall and why?
  6. Do you have XP machines or servers with Windows 2003 and earlier?
  7. Who has remote access through the internet and how?
  8. What is your WiFi security type and password strength?
  9. What brand of firewall do you have and it’s firmware age?
  10. Is your server room under lock and key, who has access?

Once we ask these questions it helps us know where we can assist our customers with lessening their chances of detrimental network failure, or worse corruption via an employee gone bad or hacker.

 For an IT expert, the above questions may seem like a no brainer.  However, for a business owner or manager, these questions could mean keeping a business in compliance with the law, keeping data safe, and protecting data loss from users or natural disasters. Most of these precautions can be implemented very quickly.  If you’re reading this and feel like your network may be at risk, then please reach out to our knowledgeable staff for assistance today! 775-322-6455