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Did you finally decide to click upgrade to Windows 10 only to find that your computer crashed or keeps freezing after the upgrade? Or your profile is completely missing?

Why did it do that!?

What do I do now?

There are some theory’s as to why Window’s 10 installations are not always successful. One is that some applications need to be uninstalled because they cause problems with the upgrade process. You can then reinstall these applications after the upgrade is complete. Other applications are legacy ones that just aren’t compatible with Windows 10, so you won’t be able to use these applications or reinstall them again once your upgrade is complete. Before you upgrade ask yourself “Can my business function without this application?”. If you’re not certain, then wait to upgrade, instead of losing revenue.

 Another issue people are having and may not know, is Windows 10 is only available if you’re running a genuine Windows OS on an eligible device. Before you upgrade you’ll want to activate your current version of Windows using a product key. Otherwise the upgrade will not be successful and you may lose valuable data. Sometimes freezing has been noted with computers that have higher end graphic’s cards, it seems to be a compatibility issue. If you work with graphic intensive programs like AutoCAD or do a lot of gaming this may effect you and you might want to wait to upgrade.

If you have experienced a bad Windows 10 installation, take a deep breath. It can be fixed, and there are a few ways to do handle it. You can try using the new Windows Update Troubleshooter. If its been less than a month since you’ve done the upgrade and you decide, this just isn’t working for me, you can go back to your previous version of Windows from Settings > Update and Security > Recovery.  If your computer manufacturer has provided the option, you can also restore your device to factory settings. Beware of data loss with this option and backup any current profiles before you attempt a factory restore. Lastly, if the options to go back  or to restore aren’t available to you, then try the installation media and a product key to install a previous version of Windows.

If you aren’t sure about installing the Free Windows 10 upgrade, don’t worry you still have until July 30th to figure it out. We’re always available to answer questions, concerns, or help with an install/or restore if you need us. 775-322-6455